875. Big Buck Bunny – Sacha Goedegebure


SUMMARY: Buck is a large, lovable rabbit who adores butterflies. When he is pushed too far by three small, sadistic woodland creatures, Buck decides to take his revenge.

WHY IT’S HERE: Made using the free Blender animation software by the Blender Foundation, a non-profit organization for the development of 3D animation, ‘Big Buck Bunny’ more than demonstrated the potential of this great tool. Telling an amusing tale of one rabbit’s revenge on his tormentors, ‘Big Buck Bunny’ looks gloriously professional with its bright colours and appealing characters. This was actually the second film made using Blender after ‘Elephant’s Dream’, an experiment that proved the potential of the visuals that could be created but failed to combine these with a coherent plot. A much more commercial prospect, ‘Big Buck Bunny’ was a leap forward, pre-empting the phenomenal progress in 2010 with the Blender-created ‘Sintel’.


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