874. Presto – Doug Sweetland


SUMMARY: An epic battle between a magician and his rabbit, who refuses to perform unless he gets a carrot.

WHY IT’S HERE: Doug Sweetland’s ‘Presto’ is one of the funniest and best Pixar shorts. Sweetland’s original plan for the film involved an autograph hunting rabbit who is incorporated into a magician’s act but suffers from stage fright. This was thought to be too convoluted a plot for such a short runtime and so ‘Presto’ was reworked as a simple, fast-paced tribute to Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry cartoons. This simplification was to the short’s benefit, creating a brilliant tribute to Golden Age animation as a magician battles his uncooperative rabbit whose only motivation is the desire to get hold of an elusive carrot. Superbly staged, appropriately violent and hilariously funny, ‘Presto’ is a magnificent latter day classic which reached a large audience when paired with ‘Wall-E’ for cinematic release.


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