873. French Roast – Fabrice Joubert


SUMMARY: When a businessman in a coffee-house finds he has forgotten his wallet, he bides his time by ordering more coffee while he works out how to deal with the situation.

WHY IT’S HERE: Fabrice Joubert’s ‘French Roast’ is a terrific CG short about a small moment in time which builds into a potentially disastrous situation for one uptight businessman. Playing on stereotypes and expectations in order to eventually confound them, ‘French Roast’ seems to take influence from the classic café sequence from Charlie Chaplin’s short masterpiece ‘The Immigrant’, complete with the intimidating waiter and the fortuitously neat resolutions. Joubert concentrates all the action on one small area, with a window that gives us glimpses of the action outside. It’s a brilliantly orchestrated little piece which gets a lot of action out of one scenario, entertains while on screen and leaves viewers with much thematic depth to chew over.


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