870. The Employment – Santiago Grasso


SUMMARY: A man makes his way to work in a world where the most minute of tasks are now performed by human beings.

WHY IT’S HERE: Santiago Grasso’s ‘The Employment is both a wonderfully funny and deeply depressing examination of a life spent doing the most menial work. With a great design that feels like a throwback to 70s animation, ‘The Employment’ follows a man through his early morning routine. We see that around his house there are people performing tasks such as lampstand, coat hanger and bathroom mirror holder. We see more examples of this as he makes his way to work, until we finally find out what his place is in the world. Relatable for anyone who has ever felt underappreciated in their professional life, ‘The Employment’ comically illustrates the level we have been degraded to in many cases. Although the final poke is very much at management and higher level careerists, ‘The Employment’ doesn’t ignore the hierarchical complexity of society’s multi-levelled snobbery.


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