867. Santa, the Fascist Years – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: A short mockumentary on the brief period during with Santa Claus dabbled in Fascism.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bill Plympton’s brief mockumentary ‘Santa, the Fascist Years’ is a very funny news-report style film narrated by Matthew Modine, in which it is revealed that Santa briefly dabbled in far-right politics in his insatiable greed to make the entire year one long Christmas season. Pieced together with the attention to detail of a man who has researched his conspiracy theories, ‘Santa, the Fascist Years’ would be in bad taste if it were not so gloriously ridiculous. A good amount of the laughs derive from the juxtaposition of jolly old Saint Nick and Fascism and the very idea that anyone would think of putting the two together. There are a couple of amusingly silly jokes (Blitzen-krieg!) but the film is largely played straight, making it all the funnier. The climactic war of the holidays and subsequent government cover-up make a neat climax to a short that gets by on its sheer audacity.


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