865. KJFG No 5 – Aleksey Alekseev


SUMMARY: A bear, a wolf and a rabbit rehearse their musical act in the woods but are interrupted by a hunter and his dog.

WHY IT’S HERE: Aleksey Alekseev’s ‘KJFG No 5’ is a hysterically funny, extremely short animation which became an international festival hit thanks to its straightforwardly silly charm. The premise is simple: a woodland band is interrupted by a hunter. The joy is in the design and timing of the piece. The characters look hilarious and the moment when the wolf bursts into song is priceless. Alekseev had the admirable intention of making a purely entertaining short with no subtext whatsoever but worried that assigning it a name would lead people to read something into it. Consequently, he gave it the completely meaningless name ‘KJFG No 5’ which he plucked out of the air. The film was popular enough to be picked up as a short TV series, which was christened with the witty title ‘Log Jam’ and continues the appeal of the original short.


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