857. Sleeping Betty – Claude Cloutier


SUMMARY: A king and queen call in various characters to try and wake their sleeping daughter Betty from her seemingly impenetrable slumber.

WHY IT’S HERE: Canadian animator Claude Cloutier drew on his experience as a satirical illustrator for the magazine ‘Croc’ when he made ‘Sleeping Betty’, which plays like a newspaper cartoon come to life. This look is achieved by Cloutier’s self-proclaimed ‘old-school’ technique of using brushes, India ink and water, although the colours are added later on computer. Populating a fairy tale kingdom with celebrity caricatures, historical figures from different time periods, and lots of anachronistic details, ‘Sleeping Betty’ is a delightfully unpredictable storybook satire in which much comedy mileage is milked from attempts to wake a sleeping woman, while all the while Prince Charles gallops to her aid on his showboating horse. With a lovely art style and consistently amusing, frequently laugh-out-loud funny gags, ‘Sleeping Betty’ is a crowd-pleasing oddity.


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