854. Lavatory Lovestory – Konstantin Bronzit


SUMMARY: A female lavatory attendant tries to work out who her secret admirer is.

WHY IT’S HERE: Konstantin Bronzit’s ‘Lavatory Lovestory’ is a deceptively simple animated short with much thematic depth for anyone willing to give it a bit of thought. A rumination on the random nature of love and how it can arrive at the most unlikely times or in the most unexpected locations, ‘Lavatory Lovestory’ follows the tale of a female attendant of a men’s toilet who finds flowers in her coin jar and wonders it she may be on the cusp of romance. Bronzit’s art style is basic, with charming black and white line drawings interspersed with small bursts of colour, reflecting the mundanity of the locale and the allure of potential escape. Although it was poo-pooed (no pun intended) by some critics for its perceived simplicity, ‘Lavatory Lovestory’ is an enjoyable, uplifting piece which was nominated for an Oscar. Its reputation has subsequently grown as more viewers have allowed its slow-burning magic to work on them.


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