853. Even Pigeons Go to Heaven – Samuel Tourneux


SUMMARY: A corrupt priest attempts to con an elderly miser out of his savings by presenting him with a machine that gives him a glimpse of Heaven.

WHY IT’S HERE: Samuel Tourneux, who would later go on to direct the popular ‘Despicable Me’ shorts ‘Orientation Day’, ‘Home Makeover’ and ‘Banana’, was nominated for an Oscar for his misanthropic black comedy ‘Even Pigeons Go to Heaven’. An amusing con-trick of a short, ‘Even Pigeons Go to Heaven’ is nicely animated but is largely notable for its story, which gives a dark glimpse of humanity as a race obsessed with financial gain and willing to screw over their fellow man to obtain it. Although it is not preachy enough to be considered a morality tale, ‘Even Pigeons Go to Heaven’ does not end well for its characters, with each one handed an ironic fate that inspired the sort of laughter that sticks in your throat. Subversively unpleasant even as it somehow charms, ‘Even Pigeons Go to Heaven’ is a largely forgotten short which is well worth unearthing.


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