850. I Met the Walrus – Josh Raskin


SUMMARY: An animated accompaniment to a rare John Lennon interview from 1969.

WHY IT’S HERE: In 1969 14 year old Jerry Levitan sneaked into John Lennon’s Toronto hotel room and managed to persuade him to agree to an interview. This immediately makes Josh Rankin’s ‘I Met the Walrus’ of interest to massive Beatles fans like myself, as the opportunity to hear Lennon speaking outside of the usual archive footage wheeled out by every TV documentary is a real treat. You can hear the awkwardness and naivety of the young Levitan in his line of questioning but Lennon, obviously more charitable towards him than he would be towards professional interviewers, is eloquent and passionate in his answers, which revolve around his familiar but laudable topics of peace, love and the power of the individual. Raskin has devised a witty set of visuals to go alongside Lennon’s words and they flow into one another fluidly as we listen to the interview, evoking 60s iconography mixed with images of future occurrences. Nominated for an Oscar, ‘I Met the Walrus’ is a lovely short which perhaps gained more exposure than it might have otherwise received due to the Lennon connection. It will be of especial interest to Beatles fans of course but happily that includes a large chunk of the population.


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