849. Tony Vs. Paul – Tony Fiandaca, Paul B. Cummings


SUMMARY: When Paul sends an insulting letter to his friend Tony, an epic battle ensues between them.

WHY IT’S HERE: Pixilation is an oft-neglected form of animation in which live-action actors are animated frame by frame. Perhaps the most famous example is Norman McLaren’s ‘Neighbours’, an influence which looms large in the superb amateur animation ‘Tony vs. Paul’. Something of an internet sensation, ‘Tony vs. Paul’ went on to be featured at some prominent film festivals where is garnered much acclaim for its two first-time directors Paul Cummings and Tony Fiandaca. An intricately choreographed fight between two men across various locations, ‘Tony vs. Paul’ must have taken ages to put together and is an absolute joy to watch. Not only does it show the brilliance that can be achieved with Pixilation, it also emerges as a triumph of fun filmmaking. It’s hard not to smile as you watch these two friends have a whale of a time in front of the camera, all the while ensuring their audience has just as good a ride. I remember when I first saw ‘Tony vs. Paul’, it really struck me what a marvellous tool the internet is for getting all manner of amateur work out there in the public domain, as frequently this is where some of the very finest work is being done.


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