847. How to Hook Up Your Home Theater – Stevie Wermers, Kevin Deters


SUMMARY: Goofy attempts to hook up his excessive new home theatre in time for the big game.

WHY IT’S HERE: The classic ‘How to’ Goofy shorts were some of the funniest films Disney ever produced so when they wanted to test out their new paperless production technique to see if digital animation could produce a cartoon with the same graphic look as those produced in the 40s, the Goofy shorts seemed like the ideal format to update. Often focusing on aspects of modern life, the ‘How to’ series lends itself perfectly to modernisation, with Goofy (looking as young as ever) grappling with 21st century technology. About 50% of the project was produced with the paperless approach and it looks fantastic, capturing the spirit of classic Disney perfectly. Crucially though, the script also retains all the wit associated with these shorts and updates the concept without losing the spirit of the originals. While other throwbacks to classic theatrical cartoons (such as the Tom and Jerry short ‘The Karate Guard’) always felt like they were missing something, ‘How to Hook Up Your Home Theater’ comes across as a latter day classic.


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