845. Tyger – Guilherme Marcondes


SUMMARY: A giant tiger appears in a city and begins to reveal the true nature of its inhabitants.

WHY IT’S HERE: Brazilian director Guilherme Marcondes’ ‘Tyger’, partially inspired by the William Blake poem, is a mesmerizing piece of animation in which three puppeteers walk a giant tiger puppet through a city, whose animated inhabitants are slowly transformed into animal form. The idea of revealing bouncers to be apes or a stadium of football fans as swarming insects has been done before but Marcondes mixture of styles and the very concept of people’s inner selves being unlocked by the unstoppable march of an immense tiger make ‘Tyger’ a ferociously original piece of work. Set to the pulsing, persistent music of Zeroum, ‘Tyger’ feels like a great music video but rather than draw attention to the music, it works with it to create a hypnotic short that holds audiences in thrall.


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