843. The Aroma of Tea – Michael Dudok de Wit


SUMMARY: A small brown dot journeys through a maze of contoured networks.

WHY IT’S HERE: Following his masterpiece ‘Father and Daughter’, Michael Dudok de Wit took a very different direction with his short abstract film ‘The Aroma of Tea’. Unlike many abstract films, this one has the feel of a vague narrative as a small, brown dot quests through a series of tunnels and shapes to finally arrive at its desired destination. Set to the music of Arcangelo Corelli, which adds enormously to the film’s effect, ‘The Aroma of Tea’ is a curiously relaxing watch, perhaps akin to putting your feet up for five minutes with a cup of tea. The colour of the shapes in the film obviously links to the title but it is not just the colour that links to a nice brew. Dudok de Wit actually used tea to create the images, meaning that the constant aroma of it would have been at the forefront of his mind. Like staring into the comforting swirl of an infusing cuppa, ‘The Aroma of Tea’ is something a bit different from on of the latter day masters of animation.


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