837. A Gentleman’s Duel – Sean McNally, Francisco Ruiz-Velasco


SUMMARY: Two suitors do battle over a buxom lady, although this is not the sort of gentleman’s duel you may be expecting.

WHY IT’S HERE: The lesser-known Blur Studios created another amusing short in 2006 with ‘A Gentleman’s Duel’, a somewhat crude but hilariously over-the-top cross between a costume drama and an action film. In this tale of testosterone-soaked one-upmanship, two suitors do battle in the grounds of a stately home, while the buxom object of their affections looks on and frequently gets clobbered herself. Though peppered with crass dialogue and oh-err-missus sex gags, ‘A Gentleman’s Duel’ is also filled with great slapstick and expectation-confounding twists. Like Blur Studio’s less adult-oriented ‘Gopher Broke’, ‘A Gentleman’s Duel’ also ends with a seemingly outrageous punchline which is somewhat softened by post-credits revelations, but all in all it is a consistently enjoyable short played entirely for laughs which also happens to boast some very impressive visuals.


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