836. Kiwi! – Dony Permedi


SUMMARY: A kiwi goes to great lengths to achieve his dream.

WHY IT’S HERE: It’s amazing how much of an impact one clever idea can have. Dony Permedi’s Master’s Thesis animation ‘Kiwi!’ is a three minute short which went ballistic on the internet for its skilful mix of moods. Some found it unbearably sad while others thought it was just a funny gag. I fall somewhere in between these two opinions. While there are elements of the tragic, ‘Kiwi!’ has the creeping inevitability of really good black comedy. Its appeal is in its simplicity, with the lovely rounded character design emerging as perfectly complimentary to the content. While there are undoubted themes for discussion, ‘Kiwi!’ must be one of the most overanalysed films to ever go viral and unofficial versions that paired the action with Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’ completely destroyed the duality, playing up the pathos in a way that was never intended. For all its mixed responses, ‘Kiwi!’ is a very clever little piece and lingers long in the mind after watching.


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