834. Lifted – Gary Rydstrom


SUMMARY: A nervous alien takes his human abduction exam.

WHY IT’S HERE: With ‘Lifted’, Pixar continued its run of top quality shorts. Audiences had obviously come to expect superb animation from the studio and ‘Lifted’ delivers in this respect, but it also epitomises Pixar’s knack for coming up with unexpected subject matter. In this case, we watch an alien take an exam in abducting human beings, his amateurish button-jabbing causing the oblivious subject’s sleeping body to be thrown around the room. Very funny and cleverly executed, ‘Lifted’ was paired with the brilliant ‘Ratatouille’ for cinema release, a hell of a double whammy. The short was the first film directed by Gary Rydstrom, although he was certainly no stranger to the film industry. As a highly respected sound designer, Rydstrom has been nominated for an Oscar seventeen times, winning seven. ‘Lifted’ added another nomination to his list when it was given the nod for Best Animated Short, although it lost to ‘The Danish Poet’.


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