833. The Danish Poet – Torill Kove


SUMMARY: A narrator recounts how the history of a Danish poet indirectly lead to a crucial moment in her own personal history.

WHY IT’S HERE: It was great to see Torill Kove’s ‘The Danish Poet’ win the Oscar for its year. I was a big fan of Kove’s previous short, ‘My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts’, which shares the same simple but effective, bright cartoony style and sweet narration. ‘The Danish Poet’ is a love story which focuses on the little, trivial occurences that ultimately have a massive effect on our lives. It has a stronger story than Kove’s previous charmer and seems altogether more confident, making it a fine choice for the Oscar. Although the simplicity of the style makes it instantly accessible to a wide audience, Kove’s themes are fascinatingly complex, delving into the tangled web of seemingly unrelated events which ultimately mesh together to have a dramatic influence on our own lives.


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