831. One Rat Short – Alex Weil


SUMMARY: A wild rat chasing a nearly empty bag of crisps floating in the wind stumbles across a hi-tech research facility where more rats are being used as test subjects.

WHY IT’S HERE: New York animator Alex Weil’s ‘One Rat Short’ is one of the most technically accomplished CG animations I’ve ever seen. Following a simple but engaging story of a wild rat who inadvertently finds love in a research facility, ‘One Rat Short’ features extremely realistic rats as its only characters. Though not anthropomorphic, the rats are instantly easy to empathise with and the direction the story takes is ultimately a little heartbreaking. ‘One Rat Short’ is usually commended for its visuals over anything else but Weil (surely a surname that inspired him to use rats as characters) must also be congratulated for creating strong, identifiable characters without compromising the realistic designs.


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