826. Film Noir – Osbert Parker


SUMMARY: The spirit of classic Film Noir is evoked in a series of scenes using images and iconography from key films of the genre.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Osbert Parker’s ‘Film Noir’ is a terrific evocation of the classic movie genre in which Parker has used a mixture of footage from key films, cut-out and stop-motion animation to encapsulate all that is great about these films. At first reminiscent of Virgil Widrich’s ‘Fast Film’ in its use of classic movie footage, ‘Film Noir’ also seems indebted to Jan Svankmajer in its creepy moments of stop-motion, in which objects wriggle round the screen as if alive. This barrage of captivating images ultimately reveals itself as an endless cycle of violence, in which fatal gunshots and double crossings are doomed to be repeated over and over. Although it will no doubt appeal more to fans of Film Noir, this superb little short has enough ingenuity to win over most audiences.


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