825. Kamiya’s Correspondence – Sumito Sakakibara


SUMMARY: A young Japanese girl writes a letter to her absent mother.

WHY IT’S HERE: Sumito Sakakibara’s elegant, understated graduation film ‘Kamiya’s Correspondence’ is a moving, detailed glimpse into Japanese family life which combines moments of gentle humour and melancholy with a rich visual style. The colour palette is pale and washed-out, but this gives the film its distinct look which, while recognisably Japanese, is a far cry from the images of Anime that description may bring to mind. Although the cultural details of the young girl’s letter to her mother set it apart in some cases, ‘Kamiya’s Correspondence’ has a universality in its encapsulation of quiet moments of reflection in life and how we perceive our own worlds when we take a step back from them. Unassuming but deeply touching, ‘Kamiya’s Correspondence’ is a masterclass in effective, unshowy animation.2


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