823. The Legend of the Scarecrow – Marco Besas


SUMMARY: A lonely scarecrow longs to befriend the crows in his field but the nature of his job makes it impossible.

WHY IT’S HERE: Spanish director Marco Besas’s ‘The Legend of the Scarecrow’ is a melancholy little gothic fairy tale which draws influence from Tim Burton and Rudyard Kipling. What begins as a sad but seemingly straightforward tale of a scarecrow who longs to be friends with the birds quickly morphs into a much darker, sadder and thematically richer work as the scarecrow’s attempts to be reassigned bring down upon him a fate reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster. Besas memorably combines CG and hand-drawn animation in a way that initially seems jarring but quickly reveals itself to be very effective, especially when related to the themes of the piece. Sancho Gracia’s narration gives ‘The Legend of the Scarecrow’ a traditional storybook feel but more sensitive children may want to approach this film with caution.


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