818. One Man Band – Mark Andrews, Andrew Jimenez


SUMMARY: Two street performers compete for a little girl’s money.

WHY IT’S HERE: Pixar’s ‘One Man Band’ is another great little pantomime piece from a studio at the top of its game. A comedy short in which two street performers go to great heights to outdo each other, much to the alarm of a little girl with only one coin to offer, the story may look like a fable about greed but is largely just an enjoyable four minute joke. This is preferable to the preachy tone it may have taken, with the final punchline feeling amusingly sadistic rather than satisfyingly just. As usual, the animation is terrific, while the musical accompaniment is suitably grandiose for a short so centralised on music. The virtuoso violin solos are provided by Clayton Haslop and Mark Robertson.


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