815. Over Time – Oury Atlan, Damien Ferrie, Thibault Berland


SUMMARY: A group of puppets pay tribute to their recently deceased master.

WHY IT’S HERE: The French student film ‘Over Time’ is a terrific tribute to the late Jim Henson, a personal hero of mine and generations of others. A black and white CG mini-masterpiece, ‘Over Time features a group of Kermit-esque puppets aching for one more evening with their deceased creator. They achieve this by turning him into a giant puppet which they manipulate to join in with their activities. The trio of directors Oury Atlan, Damien Ferrie and Thibault Berland are clearly Muppets fans themselves, for they have captured exquisitely the lifelike movements that Henson and his team brought to their iconic creations. Tender, moving and strange, ‘Over Time’ is a cult classic that Henson himself surely would have adored.


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