814. Badgered – Sharon Colman


SUMMARY: A badger’s hibernation is interrupted, first by two noisy crows and then by the arrival of three nuclear missiles.

WHY IT’S HERE: Scottish animator Sharon Colman’s Oscar-nominated ‘Badgered’ is a delightful little short which contrasts the story of one badger’s attempts to sleep with the prospect of a nuclear holocaust for some unseen unfortunates. Sweetly and simply hand-drawn, Colman’s short initially gets a lot of comedy mileage out of the sheer irritating squawking of the spectacularly ugly crows. But when a lorry arrives and buries three nuclear missiles in the badger’s hill, ‘Badgered’ takes a darker turn as hibernation turns to annihilation in a matter of seconds. While the wider implications of the destruction wrought in ‘Badgered’ are not ignored, they are so brilliantly folded into the film as to almost appear secondary. The contrast between the horrendous devastation off-screen and the cosy finale, complete with its serene soundtrack, make for a witty film that lingers longer in the memory thanks to its dark undertones.


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