812. Rabbit – Run Wrake


SUMMARY: Two sadistic, greedy children murder a rabbit and find a small, golden idol inside it who has the power to turn insects into jewels.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Run Wrake’s ‘Rabbit’ is a funny, grisly, brutal morality tale which Wrake created using a series of children’s educational stickers from the 1950s which he found in a charity shop envelope. British audiences will likely recognise the style of the illustrations from Ladybird books and Enid Blyton novels; cherubic children with dead-eyed smiles and bright clothing. The stickers, which retain their identifying captions throughout the animation, create a humorous juxtaposition to the thoughtless, greedy and sadistic actions of the characters as they attempt to exploit the powers of a small golden idol through the most brutal methods imaginable. Though ‘Rabbit’ may just appear to be nasty to anyone who is unfamiliar with its visual source, it is hysterically funny for anyone who recognises the illustration style and the associated wholesomeness which Wrake so thoroughly subverts. Sadly, Wrake died from lung cancer in 2011, robbing the animation world of a great talent just as he was hitting his stride.


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