811. The Fan and the Flower – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: A ceiling fan and a house plant fall in love but they can never get close enough to touch.

WHY IT’S HERE: Written by sitcom veteran Dan O’Shannon, ‘The Fan and the Flower’ is a children’s love story with a sweet nature and a romantic soul. Perhaps many would be surprised to learn then that the director of the film is Bill Plympton, a man better known for his exercises in the grotesque and explicit, such as ‘Sex and Violence’ or ‘Your Face’. Plympton was always more than the one-trick pony many tarred him as however, and ‘The Fan and the Flower’ is both beautifully made and distinctively Plympton’s work. Take a look, for instance, at the moment when the fan shows off for the plant by spinning on its highest setting and the plant hangs on for dear life to the table. This has Plmypton’s fingerprints all over it. Rendered in stark black and white, ‘The Fan and the Flower’ is brilliantly narrated by Paul Giamatti, who captures the mood of the piece in all its romantic strangeness.


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