809. A Plan – Tom Schroeder


SUMMARY: A young boy envisages turning a family boat trip into an adventure when he realises the boat is nearly out of fuel.

WHY IT’S HERE: Tom Schroeder’s ‘A Plan’ is a delightful glimpse of childhood, as we join a young boy on his family holiday, imagining he will save the day when the boat runs out of fuel. The story here is very small, with few surprises and no real intention to wrong-foot the viewer. Rather, Schroeder captures a sense of youthful imagination and the absolute conviction children have that they can pull off an impossible feat. Influenced by Jacques Tati, ‘A Plan’ is told entirely without dialogue, unlike Schroeder’s previous films ‘Bike Ride’ and ‘Riding with Harv’, which featured dialogue prominently. With simple but appealing designs, Schroeder puts across his characters’ thoughts and feelings vividly, while the brightly coloured backgrounds make the whole experience gloriously immersive. A film of simple charms, ‘A Plan’ takes the viewer out of their adult body and mind for its brief runtime.


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