806. Little Things – Daniel Greaves


SUMMARY: Across seven days, various people are plagued by the little frustrations of life, albeit with some surreal twists.

WHY IT’S HERE: Daniel Greaves’ BAFTA-nominated ‘Little Things’ is one of the great underrated short animations. With shades of the animation and humour of Greaves’ other masterpiece, ‘Flatworld’, ‘Little Things’ takes the form of a series of short sketches in which people grapple with the little frustrations in life, from faulty machinery to their own impatience. At first ‘Little Things’ seems like it might be a film of pedantic niggles, themselves more frustrating than the situations they portray. However, this expectation is quickly confounded by the unusual twists in every one of the sketches. The longer sections, such as a man’s epic battle with a condom dispenser, all have great pay-offs and are often tinged with the surreal, as everyday objects begin to control the weather or set off alarms that can only be silenced by the removal of one’s clothing. Following the seven days, we then witness day zero, when all the characters and their particular problems come together and ultimately reveal that there is literally no escape from the little irritations in life, even if you take the most extreme measures.


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