804. Intolerance III – Phil Mulloy


SUMMARY: As the human race’s search for the planet Zog continues in vain, they begin to split into a number of different groups who violently oppose each other.

WHY IT’S HERE: The final part of Phil Mulloy’s ‘Intolerance’ trilogy about the war between human beings and the Zog marks the moment when the series becomes almost incomprehensible. For this finale, Mulloy has crammed in a ton of bizarre plot twists, sci-fi clichés and hilarious non-sequiturs and while the film is as entertaining as its predecessors, it raises more questions than it answers in terms of continuity. There seems to be a ‘Dallas’-esque attempt to write off part two as a dream at the beginning of ‘Intolerance III’, which would handily solve some of the contradictions, although it seems a shame give that this was the best part of the trilogy. For all its occasionally baffling ambition, ‘Intolerance III’ does have a great ending and continues Mulloy’s tradition of unforgiving satire about organised religion. The moment when the religious leaders of every faction are exposed is superb.


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