802. The Crab Revolution – Arthur de Pins


SUMMARY: The tale of Pachygrapsus marmoratus, a species of crab that cannot change direction, and one crab’s surprising discovery regarding this problem.

WHY IT’S HERE: French animator Arthur de Pins’ ‘The Crab Revolution’ is a delightfully funny short about a species of crab that cannot turn. Doomed to march sideways with only the choice of two directions, the crabs continue on their endless marches. Some are lucky and have long, interesting paths. Others have the misfortune to be born between two closely-spaced rocks and are doomed to walk backwards and forwards across the same small patch of land forever. Then, one of their number discovers he can turn, which leads to some surprising reactions from his fellow crabs. ‘The Crab Revolution’ has a simple but extremely effective black and white art style which captures the world of the crabs beautifully. Though only five minutes long, ‘The Crab Revolution’ packs in a lot of content, including an ending which has much to say about human nature by way of crabby surrogates.


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