801. Salad Fingers – David Firth


SUMMARY: A strange, bald green man named Salad Fingers lives in a hazy wilderness where he seems consumed by a partially imaginary world and a penchant for masochistic activities such as stroking rusty spoons.

WHY IT’S HERE: As internet flash animations became more popular in the 21st century, certain series began to distinguish themselves as the masterpieces of this sub-genre. One of the best-known but also most divisive of these flash series was English animator David Firth’s ‘Salad Fingers’. Firth had been making flash animations for several years when he started the ‘Salad Fingers’ series, most of which explored dark themes such as mental illness, death and depression but through the filter of an absurdism that sometimes balanced the films and sometimes made them all the more troubling. With ‘Salad Fingers’ he made his masterpiece, a terrifying but strangely hilarious examination of a deranged, lonely green humanoid who lives in a desolate wasteland and creates his own fantasy worlds for amusement. Although obviously deeply troubled, Salad Fingers also has a generally cheery demeanour and a friendliness which often results in the inadvertent demise of others. Brilliantly voiced by Firth, ‘Salad Fingers’ is strange but not lazily so. Though some critics have suggested the series is nothing but a mood onto which Firth pins randomly generated weirdness, it is in fact filled with clever character comedy which drives the direction the bizarreness takes. It’s certainly not for everyone but ‘Salad Fingers’ is a unique piece of work that will delight those tuned-in to its particular appeal.


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