800. Fallen Art – Tomasz Baginski


SUMMARY: A trio of sinister figures collude to make art out of the pointless death of soldiers.

WHY IT’S HERE: Polish animator Tomasz Baginski was responsible for the Oscar nominated ‘Katedra’, an animated short hailed by many as a latter-day masterpiece but which I found to be a coldly clinical watch, like a cut-scene from a computer game. ‘Fallen Art’, his follow-up, is a much better and visually very different film. Like ‘Katedra’, it puts its message across through symbolism but in this case it is shot through with an absolutely pitch-black comedy that balances the shock with a satirical stomach-stab. There are many meanings that can be applied to ‘Fallen Art’. Most see it as an anti-military film while others see it as an allegory for Poland under communism. It also has much to say about the creation of art from something horrible, the exploitation of life for entertainment. The way in which it tackles these subjects is not pleasant but is quite impossible to forget once seen.


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