796. Gopher Broke – Jeff Fowler


SUMMARY: A gopher digs holes in the road in order to shake produce loose from passing farm trucks. But he is not the only one interested in the produce.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Gopher Broke’ was a early short film by animation and visual effects company Blur Studios, which they used to establish themselves in the industry and later obtain high profile jobs on James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ and David Fincher’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. A simple four minute toon played entirely for laughs, ‘Gopher Broke’ is a charming little short which showed the high quality CG work Blur Studios had to offer while also functioning as a fun, Looney Tunes inspired film. The first time I saw ‘Gopher Broke’ I thought its punchline was audaciously hilarious, until a post-credits moment unnecessarily softened the gag. Perhaps it would otherwise have been seen as too crude to obtain its Oscar nomination.


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