794. Guard Dog – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: An over-zealous dog sees danger to his master at every turn, no matter how innocuous the encounter.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bill Plympton’s popular, Oscar nominated ‘Guard Dog’ marked a further shift away from the sex and violence dominated films of his 90s output. That said, ‘Guard Dog’ is still characteristically a Plympton short, with a killer punchline that is blackly funny and a little sad. The tale of an overprotective dog who sees threats to his master at every turn, ‘Guard Dog’ became the first of four short films starring the well-meaning but hapless dog character who just craves the love he so richly deserves. There are moments of comic violence throughout but they come from a character-driven place of genuine emotional impact rather than the nihilistic gag-driven nature of films like ‘Sex and Violence’ and ‘Surprise Cinema’.


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