791. I Want a Dog – Sheldon Cohen


SUMMARY: A young girl named May wants a dog more than anything else in the world but her parents tell her she has to wait until she is older. So May devises an ingenious scheme to show them she is ready for the responsibility.

WHY IT’S HERE: Sheldon Cohen’s ‘I Want a Dog’ is the director’s second animated short based on the children’s books of Dayal Kaur Kahlsa, following the extremely affecting ‘Snow Cat’. Unlike ‘Snow Cat’s chilly death parable, ‘I Want a Dog’ is a warm, summery joy of a film filled with bright colours, lively story-telling and a great upbeat bubblegum pop soundtrack. Cohen’s visual style and brilliant knack with a narrative recall his classic short ‘The Sweater’, but ‘I Want a Dog’ has none of that short’s melancholia. Instead, ‘I Want a Dog’ presents an addictively lovely tale of persistence and one little girl’s love of animals which wins out in the end. Although it is characterised as a children’s film, ‘I Want a Dog’ is guaranteed to light up the day of all but the hardest-hearted of viewers.


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