789. The World of Interiors – Bunny Schendler


SUMMARY: A man repeatedly fails to leave the house as he becomes more and more deeply entangled in a domestic web of his own making.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Bunny Schendler’s ‘The World of Interiors’ is a great encapsulation of a neurosis that many will recognise in themselves. In its examination of procrastination, ‘The World of Interiors’ initially recalls Richard Condie’s ‘Getting Started’, but while that short brilliantly depicted the frustration of putting off something that needs doing, Schendler’s film hints at something much darker. While the protagonists procrastination is comic in its escalation, his inability to leave his home suggests a growing problem which the final moments suggest could be the start of something more problematic. Most audiences will recognise elements of themselves or someone they know in ‘The World of Interiors’, which is just one reason why this effective little animation strikes a chord with so many people.


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