784. The Separation – Robert Morgan


SUMMARY: A pair of conjoined twins are separated as children but in later life they realise that they long to be together again.

WHY IT’S HERE: Robert Morgan’s ‘The Separation’ is a haunting but beautiful film about the bond between two separated conjoined brothers who long to be attached once more. While it does feature grisly moments, I feel it is wrong to characterise ‘The Separation’ as a horror film, since every physical action in this wordless short is tied to a moving, if misguided, impulse for love and understanding. When the brothers decide they want to reinstate their attachment, we know it is not going to end well and yet the final image is one of deeply touching sadness rather than revulsion, something that characterises ‘The Separation throughout and ties it to the obvious influence of David Cronenberg. The stop-motion puppets, with their extraordinarily expressive eyes, are akin to those used so effectively by Suzie Templeton in her very different but similarly emotionally ambiguous shorts.


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