783. Jojo in the Stars – Marc Craste


SUMMARY: In a dark, depressing world populated by strange creatures, the cruel Madame Pica runs a nightly freak show attraction, of which the winged Jojo is the star.

WHY IT’S HERE: British animator Marc Craste’s BAFTA-winning ‘Jojo in the Stars’ is an astonishingly beautiful, poetic short tale of love and sacrifice. Rendered in stark black and white, ‘Jojo in the Stars’ tells the tale of a nameless hero who visits the freak show every night to see the beautiful Jojo, a winged female creature who flies for the entertainment of the crowd. The hero attempts to free Jojo from the cruel Madame Pica, but things work out somewhat differently. Craste began his film with the great idea of making a straight interpretation of Nick Cave’s song ‘The Carny’ but, despite Cave’s encouragement, he could not secure the funding to make the film he envisaged. After having several one minute shorts starring the character of Madame Pica, Craste obtained funding for a longer film about the character. Using elements of the original ‘The Carny’ idea, Craste combined it with influences from David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ and Wim Wenders’ ‘Wings of Desire’ to create ‘Jojo in the Stars’. With such impeccable influences, the film had to be a success and the result is breathtaking. While the story is simple, it mesmerises in the telling and Craste manages to take all the best parts of his influences and combine them with his own poetic approach.


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