780. 2D or Not 2D – Paul Driessen


SUMMARY: While trying to reach his dream woman, a man is prevented from moving forward by a thin line, which turns out to be a passage into a world where everything and everyone is distinctly flat.

WHY IT’S HERE: Many animators have played with perspective in their films but Paul Driessen’s ‘2D or Not 2D’ take a more comedic approach, as a large, well-rounded man enters a world where everyone is flat. While trying to find a way out of this world and into the arms of his would-be lover, the man helps the flat people with several of their problems, not least their inability to adjust for wind, which can blow their paper-thin bodies away in an instant. Driessen’s skilful juxtaposition of the 3D man and the 2D people he encounters makes bold use of simple line drawings, with the storyline broken up by comic interludes back in the 3D world. Animation fans should also look out for some early nods to the films of Michael Dudok de Wit, Cordell Baker and Konstantin Bronzit.


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