779. Fast Film – Virgil Widrich


SUMMARY: The classic Hollywood formula of hero-villain-damsel is played out using hundreds of clips from old films.

WHY IT’S HERE: Austrian director Virgil Widrich, who was Oscar nominated for his fantastic live-action short ‘Copy Shop’, followed it up with another superb, visually-innovative short combining archival film footage with animation to create the ultimate encapsulation of the Hollywood formula plot. A storyline featuring heroes, villains and damsels-in-distress is played out using hundreds of little snippets of classic cinema edited onto an animated train chase. This is a film buffs delight and allows the viewer to play a guessing game based around where the clips are taken from, although ‘Fast Film’ lives up to its name and moves as such a lick that multiple viewings are essential. Although it has an element of satirical comment on the repetitive nature of cinematic plots, ‘Fast Film’ plays more like a celebration of film and relies on the viewer sharing this love of the medium. It’s an incredible labour of love that is funny, exciting and unique, even moving for true film lovers like myself.


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