776.The Wallet – Vincent Bierrewaerts


SUMMARY: The various possibilities of a man’s life are played out simultaneously in relation to a missing wallet.

WHY IT’S HERE: Vincent Bierrewaerts’s ‘The Wallet’ is a fantastic short which takes an old concept and gives it new life. The idea of alternative dimensions spawned by every choice we make in life has been explored in numerous films, using techniques like cutaways and split-screen but Bierrewaerts manages to explore all the possibilities of a certain situation simultaneously by overlaying images of the same characters but rendered in different colours on a black and white background. Whenever a significant decision is made, it spawns a new version of the character in a different colour whose alternative reality plays out alongside the others. What also makes ‘The Wallet’ so notable is its decision to eschew an easy moral code. The various stories play out very differently, sometimes with fatal consequences, and yet their outcome bears no relation to the morality displayed. Just like in real life, doing good in this universe will not necessarily lead to a reward and may end up costing you dearly.


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