775. Ward 13 – Peter Cornwell


SUMMARY: After an accident, a man wakes up in a hospital where he quickly realises the staff are carrying out genetic experiments on the patients.

WHY IT’S HERE: Australian director Peter Cornwell’s blackly comic horror spoof ‘Ward 13’ is a superb stop-motion animation about a man trying to escape from a hospital where villainous experiments are being carried out. Using great puppets and sets, Cornwell gives the audience a fast-paced horror thriller, complete with genetic mutants, evil doctors and a wheelchair chase to rival any car chase you’ve ever seen. An absolute blast, ‘Ward 13’ is peppered with daft jokes and slapstick but is also very effective in maintaining a genuine sense of excitement. The viewer is rooting for the protagonist to escape the clutches of his captors throughout the film’s entire 13 minutes and the thrills and spills involved will keep you on the edge of your seat. A rollicking stop-motion film that should be better known than it is.


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