774. Nibbles – Christopher Hinton


SUMMARY: An animated depiction of the family fishing trips the director used to go on.

WHY IT’S HERE: Chris Hinton’s wildly entertaining ‘Nibbles’ retains the deliberately crude, anarchic animated style of his superb ‘Flux’ but while that film attempted to depict a microcosm of existence, ‘Nibbles’ offers a smaller story. Introduced as an animated documentary, ‘Nibbles’ is based on the family fishing trips Hinton remembers but we actually see very little fishing in the film. Although the term ‘nibbles’ refers to fish taking the bait, here it also refers to the humungous amounts of food and drink consumed by the family at every stop along the way, as well as the nibbling of the swarms of insects that, in turn, feast on the family. The insects in the film recall the flies from Hinton’s masterpiece ‘Blackfly’, although their appetite is even larger judging by the chunk of flesh one of the takes out of the protagonist’s shoulder! In its simple depiction of a day out crammed into four minutes, ‘Nibbles’ derives its appeal from the 100mph delivery which would only work with Hinton’s distinctive squiggly sketches. The film, despite being divisive, was nominated for an Oscar.


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