772. Dog – Suzie Templeton


SUMMARY: A boy in mourning for his dead mother looks to his father for reassurance. In the meantime, the family dog also seems to be unwell.

WHY IT’S HERE: Like her earlier short ‘Stanley’, Suzie Templeton’s BAFTA-winning ‘Dog’ combines a bleak reality with the structure of an off-colour joke. Unlike ‘Stanley’ however, ‘Dog’ does not feature a blackly comic side, just a grim march towards a horrendously inevitable moment which seems to mark the potentially lifelong scarring of an already troubled boy. Templeton’s puppets are as expressive as ever, which is especially crucial for this story which manages to capture the claustrophobia of loss and mourning. The gut-punch of the ending leaves the viewer mentally trapped in the clutches of this melancholia for long after the credits roll. Not a cheery experience then but ‘Dog’ is continued proof of an exceptional animation talent at work.


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