771. Camouflage – Jonathan Hodgson


SUMMARY: A partially-animated documentary about parents with schizophrenia.

WHY IT’S HERE: Jonathan Hodgson’s BAFTA nominated ‘Camouflage’ is a partially-animated documentary in which we hear the stories of people who grew up with schizophrenic parents. Recalling Tim Webb’s ‘A is for Autism’, another great animated documentary on a serious subject, Hodgson uses a range of visual styles to illustrate the stories, as well as interspersing the animations with a powerful live-action enactment of a young girl’s relationship with her schizophrenic mother. Hodgson’s film not only highlights the complexity of a condition too often confused with multiple-personality , he also does a great service to animation, showing what a powerful tool it can be for illustrating difficult subjects. It is interesting to hear the adults talk about how they perceived their schizophrenic parents from a child’s point of view and Hodgson’s images often reflect the sketches of young children trying to make sense of their world.


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