770. The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside – Siri Melchior


SUMMARY: A dog who is a cat inside finds that the conflict between his outer and inner self is difficult to resolve.

WHY IT’S HERE: Siri Melchior’s ‘The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside’ is a sweet little film which can be interpreted in numerous ways. My initial interpretation was that this was an allegory for transexuality but if taken on that level, the film doesn’t work as the moral would surely be that the inner ‘cat’ had to be let out, something which doesn’t occur. Instead, I suspect the film’s message is more about the conflict between our inner and outer selves, our emotional complexity and our desire to find someone who understands and empathises with this. However you choose to take it, ‘The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside’ is a beautiful film to look at, with its brightly coloured Parisian-style scenery and its angular characters (the dog is depicted as a sort of set of boxes which literally contain a cat) and the ending, while a little pat, provides a neat resolution for the younger audience who will surely love this and plenty of food for thought for the adults to discuss with them afterwards.


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