766. Roof Sex – PES


SUMMARY: A pair of old armchairs have sex on the roof of an apartment building.

WHY IT’S HERE: American animator Adam Pesapane, known by the pseudonym PES, would go on to make some of the most inventive and charming stop-motion films using everyday objects that audiences had ever seen. His clever manipulation of everyday items would eventually see him nominated for an Oscar, as well as provide a lucrative career in advertising, but PES’s first film is quite a shock to revisit for anyone who has smiled along with his later work. ‘Roof Sex’ is an explicit (if that is possible) depiction of two chairs having rough sex on the roof of an apartment building. Although the film itself is not really that inventive, the incongruity makes it worthy of note and links it to Phil Mulloy’s less graphic ‘Sex Life of a Chair’. It also shows that PES was adept at bringing inanimate objects to life convincingly from day one. There are moments when the viewer may genuinely feel the need to avert their gaze!


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