764. The Chubbchubbs! – Eric Armstrong


SUMMARY: Meeper, the janitor at the Ale-E-Inn, dreams of becoming a karaoke superstar but when he is fired from his job, he is left alone to face the oncoming might of the Chubbchubbs.

WHY IT’S HERE: Eric Armstrong’s ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ is a fun little short that has become the subject of one of the most hotly contested debates over the Animated Short Oscar ever. The main sticking point for most people seems to be that ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ beat Tomek Baginski’s ‘Katedra’ to the award. While I agree that ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ didn’t deserve its win (I would have given the award to ‘Das Rad’instead), ‘Katedra’ is a short that I find to be highly overrated and have not deemed worthy of inclusion on this list. ‘The Chubbchubbs!’, meanwhile, secures its place thanks to its easy charm and several genuinely big laughs. Unfairly labelled as the epitome of soulless corporate animation by those bitter at ‘Katedra’s defeat, ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ is filled with funny sci-fi in-jokes, with characters such as E.T., Yoda and Jar-Jar Binks all making cameos. With its occasionally corny gags and dance-off ending, ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ seems to set a miniature template for many subsequent feature animations and is an interesting puzzle piece in the oft-underrated non-Pixar CG animation story.


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