763. Strange Invaders – Cordell Barker


SUMMARY: When a small, flaming baby crashes through the window into their living room, Roger and Doris are initially delighted. But their happiness turns to worry and exhaustion as their alien baby becomes more destructive.

WHY IT’S HERE: Having made one of the most iconic short animations of the 80s with ‘The Cat Came Back’, Cordell Barker seemed to disappear for a long time but he resurfaced in 2002 with the bizarrely brilliant ‘Strange Invaders’, a film based on the experience of having a new baby. Barker likens a new child in the house to an invader from another planet that you suddenly have responsibility for and in 8 short minutes he offers an approximation of the shifting emotions this transitional phase causes. As with ‘The Cat Came Back’, ‘Strange Invaders’ has a very strange sense of humour, oddball but appealing character designs and lots of great background jokes, such as the fact that the instant the baby arrives the beloved family dog suddenly becomes an outside pet!


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